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Jupiter's Lament

As relief fades away
realizations of whom betrays
Apollo's light
but a blink of an eye
a child's wish to fly so high

oh, Xibalba
come and find me
Oh, raptured star
take me away

A piercing silence intrudes
invades a golden memory
fears of
the inevitable choice
to imprint my gaze on a frozen sun

Oh, i wish to be
to freeze in eternity
Jupiter is beyond me
forever orbitting

A glowing light bursts from my eyes
stretched beyond the master's archetype
a moment to let the cold dark in

engulfed in the star child's light
innocence takes ahold once again

In death's lidless eyes i will find
the answer to deny
billions of minds that blindy try
all enlightened and infallible

and so when i awaken
leaving a frail body shaken
a physical demise
upon the plane of a distant sky
reborn, reignite, reinvented in the conscious mind