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King of Thorns

Burrowed away
as the doors slammed in my face
or was it that they
were locked to begin with?

Tried to purge
to kick the doors down
batter my broken fists
against his broken crown

They remained firm
and so did I
stubborn and thick?
well so was I
the harder I tried
the more he reserved

He kept his light away from me
while the mother tried
to enlighten me
but her words were stale
and ill conceived
indignation igniting inquiry

I became an unknown entity

Lost I was
wondered alone to find
a forest of ill will
something I could design

Tomes that showed
a light that was shined
discolored divinity
know that i could not rewind

When my father beat me down that day
my calloused hand was slapped away
all the subtlties were clear as day
I reached out to find another way (repeat)

I reached out to find another way~