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Look at the sky its flowing
The clouds burst in your eyes
Sunlight spots change their hue
Together above and into

Look to the crowd their showing
Faces of absence
They're all tied to their secrets
Without and wondering

Bodies swirl in a cosmic groove
Chanting in physical prayer
Minds meld and exist as one
Out of life and beyond

Where does truth lie for me?
As curious as they may be
Lost in your prodigous eyes
And some angelic necrosis

We'll fade like the winds
We'll fade like erroneous words
Our first hello will be our last goodbye

Hey why are you leaving?
You're bound and broken
Just like the rest of us
Your eyes they say it all
So take my hand as the Earth descends into its final fall

What are you trying?
I said, what are you trying?
Too far to lay by my side
But a tongue's length away

Our first hello will be our last good bye