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Silent spoken words
Promises that hang on the air
Lies from a silver tongue
Broken hymns from cracked lips
White silhoutted eyes
Faith from a demon's thaig

Overcome by your facade
A hex on your entropic mind
A witness to illicit cries
Open Wounds Define

Necromancer's fear
Lillith's child unchained
Skin so soft to hide
One so swiftly denied
Barigain in deception
Results in the allegation

Fearing now the soul conformed
A song of storms a tempest born
The barrow weites bare black gold
Forever a starless night of old
over dead sea and withered land
A hidden smile turned underhand
Until the end until I come
I remain buried while you walk the sun

Thief of the mind's eye
Cavernous souls will dwell
Trading sight for sigh

shape of the spirit's womb
No ease for a burned man
Praise for the abscence of whom

And the eye stared huge
A subterfuge
Bury a wounded will away